US Department of State

US Department of State
Antiterrorism Assistance (ATA) Program

DOS ATA ProgramCTI principals were instrumental in developing and conducting a major portion of the training programs for the Department of State while the program was based in Washington, D.C., and later in Louisiana. Because of the uniqueness of the program, aside from developing and conducting training courses and managing the program, CTI was responsible for many other program-related functions, including:

• CTI staff was responsible for identifying the cultural needs and idiosyncrasies of each country represented so that the training academy could address those specific needs and avoid offending the groups regarding cultural differences.

• CTI staff planned and facilitated graduation activities and ceremonies including banquets, awards, selecting speakers and writing the speeches, and represented the State Department ATA section during graduation ceremonies.

• CTI personnel designed formal, site visit programs (and served as travel group leaders) for the ATA classes to travel to other cities as part of site visits to observe American law enforcement agencies in operations. Some of these site visits were one-week in duration.

• CTI staff provided evaluations (when requested) to officials from the countries represented in the program regarding the capabilities, conduct, and degree of learning by the students from those respective countries.

• Staff members also developed a program for establishing large sessions attended by students from the different countries to discuss unique and common problems related to terrorist threat response.

Project Management
CTI staff members coordinated the ATA Training Program in Baton Rouge, handling managerial and administrative duties, including all liaison with Louisiana State Police Academy staff, the LSP Superintendent’s office, escort officers, interpreters, and the leaders from each student group. CTI staff assisted the Louisiana State Police in setting up their training academy to accommodate students from the various countries and providing ongoing technical assistance in dealing with logistical, administrative and cultural issues.

Training Programs
CTI staff was directly responsible for designing and developing many of the ATA courses including the development of curricula, course objectives, lesson plans and objectives, audio visual materials, selection of video materials, development of student manuals and instructor’s guides, development of course schedules and travel arrangements, and coordination of all instructors.

CTI developed and coordinated the on-site presentation of numerous different training programs for the Department of State’s Anti Terrorist Assistance Program for over 12 countries. These programs, developed for police forces and security forces, and conducted for as many as five countries at a time, included the following subject areas:

• Counter-Terrorist Vital Installation Security
• Refinery and Pipeline Security
• Building Security
• Counter Terrorist Patrol Tactics
• Counter Terrorism Command and Control
• Human Relations, Disciplinary Systems, and Internal Investigations
• Bomb Detection Dog Training (10 week course)
• Counter Terrorism Trainer Development

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