Massachussetts Port Authority (Massport)
Comprehensive Security Assessments and Disaster Recovery Support

CTI was responsible for providing professional security and counter terrorism consulting services relative to security enhancements at all Massport facilities and operations, including: Boston Logan International Airport, the Port of Boston, the Logan Office Center, Worcester Regional Airport, and L.G. Hanscom Field.  CTI’s responsibilities included comprehensive security vulnerability assessments; federal regulation and public law interpretation and operational guidance; security technological research and evaluation (facial recognition, document verification, vehicle inspection, inspection of persons, explosives trace and weapons detection, etc.); security design review of capital projects; security screening checkpoint design assessments; perimeter control solutions (including intelligent video); development and presentation of security awareness briefings for Massport employees (15,000+); development and coordination of security access badge revalidation program; and guidance and consultation related to security and counter terrorism matters on an as-needed basis.

CTI also designed and developed plans and specs for a networked video system on a distributed video platform incorporating next-generation video distribution and management systems to increase functionality and flexibility at all passenger security screening checkpoints.  The design also identifies equipment, locations, and operating functions and components of the digital video recording (DVR) closed circuit television (CCTV) system installed including the requirement for its architecture to be easily scalable with no infrastructure changes.  It was also designed to centralize or decentralize video recording, integrate with ACAMS and other rules based systems, provide support for voice and videoconferencing, be 99.999% reliable, have no single point of failure, and use of Off-the-Shelf products.  CTI’s effort included bid development, bid selection, installation oversight, and owner acceptance testing and testing guidance. The system was developed for these event triggers to occur at the hardware or software level, and combined CCTV/ACAMS systems.  The CCTV system included fast CCTV response (no manual human reaction required), automatic digital CCTV recording of alarms and alarmed portals, and single-monitor CCTV monitoring workstations.

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