Development of Security Program

IntelsatCTI established the security requirements at Intelsat headquarters and earth stations worldwide. CTI conducted a threat and vulnerability assessment to identify vulnerabilities and provide recommendations to improve the overall security posture. CTI translated user needs into design and specification packages, selected and managed contractors, and performed overall construction oversight management. As part of the project, CTI established new security polices and post orders, and participated in the development of a business contingency/disaster recovery program. CTI recommended IT security improvements and worked with the network group to install additional firewalls.

Specifically, during a multi-year period, CTI worked at a number of Intelsat offices including locations in Washington, DC, and Hagerstown and Clarksburg, MD to enhance their overall security posture. Based on detailed assessments, CTI designed their access control, CCTV and alarm management systems and subsystems to determine operational and performance effectiveness. CTI established standards and guidelines for security systems to be developed and installed at each of the various sites. CTI also prepared the bid specifications and design drawings to be released with the RFP associated with the system upgrades.

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