Fairfax County, VA

Fairfax County, Virginia
Security Consulting Services

CTI serves as the Prime Contractor to provide Security Consulting Services to the County of Fairfax, VA.  CTI is responsible for providing consulting services for all county facilities, operations, and programs on an as-needed task order basis.  Fairfax County, VA is a jurisdiction in the Washington, DC metropolitan area with a land area of approximately 399 square miles and a population of nearly one million citizens. Fairfax County Government has an inventory of more than 600 owned and leased facilities and an employee base in excess of 13,000 individuals.

CTI has entered into a long term, ongoing security consultant support services contract with the County, the focus of which is to evaluate and improve upon the County’s ability to protect County employees, visitors, property, and assets from harm due to existing and potential threats.  In accordance with the terms and conditions of the signed contract, CTI is responsible for providing security consulting services as requested, including but not limited to threat and risk analysis (county-wide); physical security assessments of all county facilities (over 600); technical reviews during all stages of development for new or renovated facilities; security recommendations and security education services.

Tasks and expertise required by the County during the contract period include:
1.) Conduct physical security, risk, threat and vulnerability assessments for County facilities, systems and assets (people, property, information).
2.) Evaluate security guard force management to include post orders, training and staffing methodology
3.) Provide security training, education services and communication strategies for County employees
4.) Provide evaluation and technical assistance with the development, writing and/or review of security RFPs
5.) Provide security assistance during technical reviews at all stages of development (conceptual, design, and construction) for proposed new or renovated facilities
6.) Provide project management for the installation of new security systems
7.) Provide security assistance in business continuity operational planning and contingency planning
8.) Possess a thorough understanding and use of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED)
9.) Possess a demonstrated knowledge of HSPD 12 and FIPS 201 to include biometrics and smart card technology
10.) Maintain an up to date knowledge of security industry standards and best practices
11.) Possess the ability to provide guidance regarding integration of technical security systems
12.) Possess a thorough knowledge of an experience in providing subject matter expertise in workplace violence programs

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