CTI provides recommendations for all aspects of a client’s existing conditions – physical, technical and operational. CTI’s staff has the knowledge and experience to provide appropriate security solutions utilizing time-tested and proven methodologies, in coordination with new and innovative approaches, as well as existing, planned, or recommended technical security systems to ensure the most effective solutions to reduce vulnerabilities and improve the client’s security posture. CTI’s staff utilizes the latest techniques when providing security solutions; CTI staff constantly updates their knowledge of physical security hardware, including the latest equipment, mitigation techniques and industry trends, as well as current terrorist tactics based on intelligence information. CTI has conducted numerous vulnerability assessments and has provided security solutions designed to mitigate identified vulnerabilities, as well as enhance existing operations, equipment, and procedures to ensure the highest level of security possible.

Additional services provided by CTI include interpretation and operational guidance for all applicable federal regulations and public laws reference airports and national threat intelligence information and guidance, including collecting, evaluating and disseminating security and threat information for security planning, technical security guidance, equipment and system upgrade, and technology application.

The following are the areas of capabilities through which CTI supports airports and air carriers and their respective security programs.

Security Program Assessments

  • Comprehensive Security Surveys
  • Vulnerability/Threat Assessments
  • SIDA Enforcement Audits
  • Tenant/Cargo Security Plan Review
  • Bomb Blast Effectiveness Analysis
  • Training Needs Analysis

Security System Design and Integration

  • Access Control Design
  • CCTV Design
  • ID Badging System Design
  • Communication Center Design
  • Crisis Management Center Design
  • Bid Preparation and Evaluation
  • Construction Management/Oversight
  • Perimeter Control Systems

Security Program Support

  • Security Consultant Support
  • Security Master Plan Development
  • Policy and Procedure Development
  • Security Exercise Development
  • Regulatory Compliance Support
  • Security Training Support
  • Construction Management/Oversight
  • On-Site Staff Support

Administrative Support

  • Airport Emergency Plan (AEP) Update/Rewrite
  • Part 139 Exercise Design
  • Cost Benefit and Feasibility Studies
  • Airport Security Program (ASP) Update/Rewrite
  • Regulatory Impact Studies
  • Management and Staff Studies
  • Fingerprint Operations Planning and Management

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